October 8 - 30, 2016
Actual Size, Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay August-Salazar
Tanya Brodsky
Maxfield Hegedus
Chloé Elizabeth Maratta
Isaac Resnikoff

In/Ex brings together the work of five Los Angeles-based artists with diverse practices into one unified installation. The works in the exhibition are enclosed in the gallery and are only visible through the building’s large storefront windows. Although the door is locked to visitors, the exhibition is open 24/7 from the public sidewalk. Within this hermetic environment, absent of fleshy bodies, remain surrogates on display. The works inform one another, creating a scene that suggests the movement (or lack) of bodies in space.

Isaac Resnikoff’s life-size sculpture of a shopper, based on a stock 3D figure used in building design renderings, and Chloé Elizabeth Marratta’s candid photograph of her dressed-up model/musical collaborator/friend, become, in a sense, performers in the space. They interact with symbols from Lindsay August-Salazar’s invented alphabet called “Abstract Character Copies” that correlate to recurrent marks and movements in her drawing and painting. Tanya Brodsky’s simplified architectural forms that evoke everyday objects — such as a drying rack or handrail — also suggest action or use. Maxfield Hegedus’s sculpture, essentially a DIY barber shop pole, maintains its function as eye-catching signage by luring visitors to this contained space.

Although the gallery is made impenetrable through the imposed restrictions of the installation, a new type of engagement is formed — the door is closed, but the windows draw us into a choreographed viewing experience.

About the artists:

Lindsay August-Salazar (b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA)Lindsay August-Salazar earned her MFA from UC Irvine in 2013 and a BFA from UCLA in 2008. She was a 2014 Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellow, and recipient of a Rema Hort Mann Foundation grant in 2015. Recent solo exhibitions include LAS 2K15 at Diana, Los Angeles; and Artificial Solutions at Contemporary Art Center, Irvine, CA. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in venues including Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles; Santa Monica Museum of Art;  Public Fiction, Los Angeles; and Fellows for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Stene Projects, Stockholm, Sweden.

Tanya Brodsky (b. 1982, Kiev, Ukraine)
Tanya Brodsky earned her MFA from UC San Diego in 2016, and her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. In 2016, she was a fellow at SOMA Summer Program in Mexico City and in 2013 she participated in the Mountain School of Art. Recent group exhibitions include Cabinet of Curiosities at Los Angeles’s Union Station; SPF15, San Diego; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Vacancy, Los Angeles; Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles; High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles.

Maxfield Hegedus (b. 1986, Santa Monica, CA)
Maxfield Hegedus earned his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. In 2011, he participated in the Mountain School of Art and in 2010 he was a resident at ACRE. He has recently exhibited work in group exhibitions at Gallery Bernhard, Zurich, Switzerland; Michael Thibault, Los Angeles; and CUAC, Salt Lake City.

Chloé Elizabeth Maratta (b.1991, Washington DC)
Chloé Elizabeth Maratta earned her BFA from MICA in 2013. She is an artist, designer of Cholé, and a drummer in Odwalla88. She has shown work at Centre for Style, Melbourne; Evening Hours, New York; Springsteen, Baltimore; and Ladybug House, San Francisco. In 2016, her work was exhibited at Schloss, Oslo; Species, Atlanta; and Bodega, New York.

Isaac Resnikoff (b. 1980, Berkeley, CA)
Isaac Resnikoff earned his MFA from UCLA in 2009 and his BFA from Cooper Union in 2002. He has had solo exhibitions at JOAN, Los Angeles; Louis B James Gallery, New York; UC Santa Barbara AD&A Museum, Santa Barbara; and Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles. His work has been included in group exhibitions at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles; Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles; Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles; and Ballroom Marfa, Texas. He is a 2014 recipient of a Center for Cultural Innovation Investing in Artists Grant. Resnikoff is also Co-director of Arturo Bandini, a collaborative project/gallery in Los Angeles, with artist Michael Dopp.

In/Ex exterior installation view

In/Ex exterior installation view

In/Ex installation view

Lindsay August Salazar
Untitled, 2016
Size Variable

Issac Resnikoff
Woman with Shopping Bag, 2016
Foam, fiberglass
74 x 38 x 28 inches

Issac Resnikoff, Woman with Shopping Bag, detail

Chloé Elizabeth Marrata
Flana Fletcher Thunderzone Cuff, 2016
Poster print on wood panel, copper, brass
48 x 36 x 2.5 inches

Chloé Elizabeth Marrata, Flana Fletcher Thunderzone Cuff, detail

Tanya Brodsky
High vault, 2016
Powder-coated steel, Quikrete
96 x 36 x 18 inches

Tanya Brodsky
Low vault (with sock), 2016
Powder-coated steel, Quikrete, resin
40 x 28 x 18 inches

Tanya Brodsky, Low vault (with sock), detail

Maxfield Hegedus
Untitled, 2016
Industrial sewing machine motor, wood, foam, paint
Dimensions variable