AM+PS is the Los Angeles-based curatorial team of Audrey Moyer and Paulina Samborska

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Audrey Moyer
is currently the 2018-2019 Curatorial Fellow at the Hyde Park Art Center and is a MA candidate in Art History at the University of Chicago. She founded and directed Favorite Goods, a project space located in Los Angeles’s Chinatown from 2011-2015. As an independent curator, she recently organized exhibitions at Species, Atlanta, GA, and The Sunroom, Richmond, VA. Additionally, she has worked with artists Charles Gaines and Vanessa Beecroft to produce museum exhibitions, performances, public art projects, and short films.

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Paulina Samborska
currently works for the Ben Matlz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design, where she has organized exhibitions and programming with artists including Pat O’Neill, Jesse Fleming, Marisa Takal, and Nora Jane Slade. She has worked for a variety of art institutions and spaces in Los Angeles, such as LACMA and the Department of Cultural Affairs, and has organized shows and events at Satellite Space, Shoot the Lobster, and the Women’s Center for Creative Work. She received her MA in Curatorial Studies from USC.

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